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White Washed Wood

Foxcross Pottery – Dirk Martin

In the early 1970s, my father, Del Martin started Foxcross Pottery in the basement of my family’s home.  As a child, I spent time in my dad’s studio sculpting dinosaurs for fun and selling to soft-hearted customers.  

Time in the studio alongside my father taught me an incredible appreciation for handmade artisan work, his craft, specifically, and the unique style of pottery he produced.

When Dad retired in 2015, Foxcross sat dormant for four years. I realized that if I didn’t attempt to continue Foxcross pottery, his legacy would soon disappear. So, in June 2019, I left a career in teaching to pursue pottery full-time. Growing up as the son of a potter, I observed every step of the process of producing pottery. Decades of watching and passively learning from him is reflected in my work. I use the same tools that my father’s hands held for more than 40 years, but I am developing my own techniques and artistic style to create a second generation of Foxcross Pottery. 

I create a variety of household and kitchen wares: coffee mugs, tumblers, casserole dishes, bake pans, storage jars, bowls, plates, serving dishes, platters, vases, and more. The rich earth tone glazes create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and perfect for everyday use as well as special occasions and display. 

Upon your arrival at Foxcross, you’ll be welcomed by our farm critters as you make your way to our gallery overlooking the Potomac River. I'm looking forward to seeing you this spring!!   

Foxcross Pottery

6640 Remsburg Road, Sharpsburg, MD 21782



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