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White Washed Wood

Jane Pettit Art – Jane Pettit

Located in a 200-year-old Berman bank barn on Catoctin Creek, Jane’s studio is a magical place full of color and art that makes you smile. With the machines and materials of her craft lining the shelves, and workbenches and walls are full of mosaic artworks large and small. For your walls and décor, there are 3” mosaic flowers, 6” birds, 12” fish, Zen gardens for calm and whimsical art to cheer the viewer. For outdoor spaces there are garden murals, stone and glass tables and sculpture from 2 feet to 7 feet. Unique mini-mosaic necklaces are full of color and sparkle. A heavenly host of bejeweled glass angels re ready for the tree.

Everything I make is mosaic art, inspired by people and nature. It reflects my love of color, texture and the abstract aesthetic. An inclination to celebrate what’s right in the world adds joy, humor and whimsy to much of my work. Creating things to be enjoyed by you gives me great pleasure and I hope they share the sense of joy and serenity I have while creating them!

Jane Pettit Art

Address: 10002 Baltimore Nat’l Pike

            Myersville, MD 21773


Phone: 202-494-4801


FB & twitter: janepettitart

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