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White Washed Wood

Kesra Hoffman Landscapes

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Kesra Hoffman, a native of Middletown, Maryland, has been painting landscapes of her home and travels since 1996.


Kesra’s paintings are mainly in gouache and acrylic. Her work celebrates the rich colors, dramatic moods and cohesive shapes of the water, landforms and skies around the world.  Kesra finds a thrill in the constantly changing dialogue between light and shadow in nature. For her, painting is about capturing that excitement and translating it onto paper.


Kesra is a full-time artist, painting landscapes and wall murals, binding books, and teaching classes, workshops and private art lessons. She travels worldwide to take painting workshops to keep her passion fresh and incorporate these experiences into her artistic voice. 

Kesra Hoffman Landscapes

4803 Mt. Briar Road

Keedysville, MD 21756

"Kesra's Art" on facebook

"Kesra's Art" on Instagram
Phone: 301-471-7124

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